Who Created Paytm? And It’s Uses?

By the way, everyone wants to earn money and every person adopts different methods for this. If someone earns money by doing a new business, then someone earns by doing a job in a company but all these jobs are offline.

Nowadays people are more like to earn money online because one, you do not need to go anywhere for this, you can earn lakhs of rupees from your internet, computer or mobile just sitting at home.

And second that there are many ways to earn money in it, so today we will talk about PayTM App among those ways, what is Paytm Account and how to earn money from Paytm ?

It is like a digital wallet for which you do not need paper money.

You must have also seen that when you do any transaction or recharge through Paytm, you also get very good cashback which is not available in any other apps or when you do offline recharge .

This app is also very secure . So let’s talk about what are the ways by which you can earn money from PayTM.

What is PayTM?

The full form of PayTM is “Pay Through Mobile” , which means that it is an app in which we can make payment through mobile only . PayTM is like an e -wallet in which you do not need paper currency and you can do any transaction through mobile .

You can add money to PayTM and later you can do online shopping and any kind of recharge or bill payment with that money .

In this you do not need to keep paper cash . You can make any payment only through PayTM. This makes the transaction of money very easy, that is why today millions of people are using it.

And nowadays, along with Transactions , earning is also being done from it. In this, you are also given very good features such as Cashback .

You can use it exactly like your wallet , from which you can withdraw cash and give it to anyone and can also take money from them.

Transferring money through this is very easy and a fast way in which money can be sent from one person to another person’s phone within minutes .

Who Invented PayTM?

PayTm was created in the year 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. At that time this app was used only for online mobile recharge. Vijay Shekhar Sharma started it with an investment of 2 Million Dollars , but today this company has become a company of crores in which crores of people use PayTM.

And today it is not just limited to mobile recharge , you can do any bill payment and recharge with this as well as do shopping.

If we talk about its use, PayTM is also used as much as other mobile apps. Whenever people have to make any kind of online payment, then they first think of PayTM.

Ticket booking was introduced in PayTM in the year 2015, which has now reached Flight and Train Booking. Meaning that you can also do any kind of ticket booking with this.

Although there are many other apps available on the Internet from which you can do transactions very easily, but no other app is used as much as PayTM.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is also the current CEO of PayTM and is a Billionaire Businessman who has achieved so many heights at a very young age and made money transfer very easy by making an app like PayTM.

Uses of PayTM

Now you will know what is the use of PayTM and what are the fields where you can use it:

transfer money

First of all, you can transfer money from Paytm to anyone in a very easy way . You don’t need to go to that person for this.

Simply you can send money from your PayTM Account to that person’s PayTM Account and save your time .

Today PayTM is being used by crores of people for money transfer, so that they can send money from one place to another in a few minutes. PayTM has made the payment of money very easy today and it is also absolutely secure .

receiving money

PayTM is not limited to sending money only. You can also receive money from anyone from this.

If you want to take money from someone, then you can very easily get it transferred from PayTM to your PayTM and you can use these money for any shop or any other purpose.

So this is a very good way to send and receive money

Recharging Online

With PayTM, you can do any kind of online recharge , then whether that recharge is Mobile Recharge or your DTH Recharge and can also take Cashback .

Along with this, you can also see all the information about its recharge plans on Paytm for your mobile recharge.

And by selecting any of them, you can recharge it by selecting the plan, which saves your money over time as you get cashback in it.

Make Online Payments

You can make any kind of payment with PayTM . Such as your electricity bill , gas bill , or any other payment that you want to make to any person.

Or if you had borrowed money from someone, then you can also send money to that person through this.

And for all these works, you can transfer money from your account to the account of others using PayTM sitting at home , whereas if you pay with Real Cash , then it takes a lot of time.

Ticket Booking

Along with this, you can also book railway , flight , bus etc. from PayTM . For this you do not have to wait in queue for an hour , rather you can book your tickets and transfer money in few minutes from your PayTM.

Not only ticket booking, if you want, you can also book tickets for your favorite movies through PayTM , which is a great feature .

shopping online

With PayTM you can also do online shopping and purchase products from any shopping website .

When you use PayTM for shopping, you also get a very good discount, which saves your money and also saves your time by shopping online .

This is exactly the same as you pay for shopping from your bank account and all that is absolutely secure . Your Payment and Detail are absolutely secure in PayTM too .

Make Hotel Booking

You can also book in any hotel with PayTM . For this, you just have to research about online hotels and in whichever hotel you want to book.

You can make your booking by paying through PayTM and you will not get such facilities in any other app, which saves your time as well as you also get some discount on every payment.

send money to bank account

With Payment, you can also send money to your bank account and not only in your bank account , if you want, you can transfer it to whose account you want to send money and that too in a very easy way.

PayTM App also works like a bank in which you can save your money. If you want, you can pay to anyone and you can also get the money withdrawn .

Online Fee Payment

If you want to pay Fees in any college or university , which you used to do earlier with your bank account. In the same way you can also do it with PayTM .

You can pay your Fees with the help of PayTM by visiting the official website of that college or university.

And you do not need to stand in long queue for Fee Pay. Rather mobile payment can be done in a very easy way . And later its receipt can also be removed.

Making Loans and Insurance Payments

If you want to pay premium for insurance, then that can also be done with PayTM and you can also pay for any kind of loan from it.

If said in simple words, then you can do any kind of payment with this and for this you just have to download this app and after that you can start using it and enjoy many of its features .

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