What is Binomo app? And How To Earn Money from it?

Friends, today we will know about binomo app, what is binomo app . And there is nothing wrong in this as you all know that many people have become unemployed due to Karona virus, so everyone wants to earn money sitting at home.

But can money be earned from home, yes it can be earned at all because you also know that today is the age of internet, you can easily learn whatever you want on the internet and you can earn money from internet and now it is internet. Along with good speed, it is also very cheap

Although there are many ways to earn money from the internet, but today we will know about the binomo app, using which many people are earning a lot of money sitting at home.

What is Binomo app?

Binomo is a trading platform where you can start trading with very little money, which is also called binary trading or option trading, you just have to create an account on binomo with email id and then you can start trading by depositing some money in it. At the same time, also know that this is a very risky market where you can make a lot of money and you can also lose a lot of money, that is why we would advise you that first you should learn trading well and know only then in this. invest

If we talk about 5-6 years ago, earlier we had to deposit more money for trading in these platforms, but now it is not so, let us tell you that if you want to trade in binomo then you can also deposit Rs 350. You can start trading.

By which method to deposit in Binomo app?

See, in binomo you are given almost all the options of deposit such as UPI, NetBanking, Paytm, PhonePe, Rupay, Mastercard, Visa, Globepay, IndianCash etc. You can deposit money in your Binomo account with any of these options, but we will tell you that you should deposit with the same method by which you want to withdraw so that you do not have any kind of problem later.

Binomo account types

There are 4 types of accounts in Binomo such as:

  • Demo account (Free account)
  • Standard account
  • Gold account
  • Vip account

1. Demo (free) Account

Demo account is a free account that you get while creating an account on binomo, in demo account you get Rs 65,000 for free, you can trade with that money but you cannot withdraw that amount, that amount you get from binomo Free to practice.

2. Standard Account

To reach the standard account, you have to deposit money in binomo, even if you are depositing a minimum of Rs 350, you will automatically reach the standard account but let us tell you that as your account gets bigger, it will You will also get benefits in binomo, so let’s know about what facilities you will get in standard account and what facilities will not be available.

  • The return you will get in Standard account will be up to 85% only.
  • In this you will get only 41 assets to trade
  • If we talk about withdrawal, then you will get withdrawal in standard account within 3 days.
  • In standard account you will not get any kind of prizes or cashback from Binomo
  • In this account you will get bonuses up to 100% on deposit but we will tell you that if you do not take the bonus then it is good because you have to follow some term & condition of binomo in it.
  • In this you will definitely get daily free tournaments.

3. Gold Account

Gold account is a bigger account than standard account, to reach which you should have 30,000 rupees in your binomo account, in which you will get more benefits than standard account, so let’s know about the benefits of gold account.

  • In Gold account, you can trade on assets up to 90%.
  • In this account you will get to see 54 different assets.
  • You will get withdrawal in gold account within 1 day
  • You will also get to see the scheme of insurance in the gold account.
  • In this you can also get a cashback of up to 5%.
  • In this you will get up to 150% bonus on deposit
  • You will also get a personal manager in the Gold account

4. VIP Account :-

VIP account is the biggest account in which the profit is also the highest, but to reach this account, you should have 65,000 rupees in your binomo account, in this you will get the benefits of standard and gold account and apart from this, you will get some more benefits in vip account. If you go, then let’s know about the benefits available in vip account.

  • You will also get to see up to 90% of assets in VIP account.
  • In this you will get 61 assets on which you can take trade.
  • In vip account you will get withdrawal only in 4 hours
  • In this also you will get insurance and you will also get a cashback of up to 10%.
  • In this you will also get risk-free trades
  • Up to 200% bonus will be available on deposit
  • In this you will also find special tournaments.

How to do trading in Binomo app?

Friends, now some people must be thinking that we have learned about creating an account on Binomo and its type of account, but how to trade on Binomo or any binary platform is very easy to trade.

See, first of all let me tell you that you can take trades from 1 minute to 1 hour in binomo, just you have to decide whether the market will go up or down during the time you want to take the trade. If it goes according to your prediction, you will win, but if the market does not go according to your prediction, then you will lose all the money you had invested.

How to earn money from Binomo?

See friends, as I told you earlier also that if you want to earn money from binary option, then first you have to practice a lot on it, you have to understand it well only then you can earn money from here, you will have to learn some things like candlestick patterns, candlestick psychology, buyer & seller area, buying & selling pressure etc.

Alternatives of Binomo Apps

If we talk about alternative apps to binomo, then yes there are other binary apps like binomo where you can trade, the list of some great apps is given below.

  • olymp trade
  • pocket option
  • iq option

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