To 10 Money Transfer Apps [2022]

Best Money Sending App. Best Money Transfer app 2021. How to send money on cash app. How to send money online in Hindi. Friends, do you know which is the best How to send money on cash app in India? If not, then after reading this post, you will know which is the best money transfer app in India . You can easily and securely transact with these apps .

Friends, all the shops, shopping malls, restaurants.. etc.. India is going to be digital. The whole place has become cashless . So, to transfer money online , we also need to know which is the safest best money sending app .

With the help of which digital transactions can be done easily. That’s why we have selected some of the best money sending apps for everyone, I hope you will definitely get some help from this.

10 Best Apps to Transfer Money

  1. Paytm
  2. Phonepe
  3. Google pay
  4. Free Recharge
  5. Mobikwik
  6. PayZapp
  7. Pocket
  8. Bhim
  9. Airtel Money
  10. Amazon pay


This is a digital payment app here we can transfer money through UPI transaction and also give bank details. Here great cashback is being given to promote Digital Payment . Here we have been given the facility of a digital wallet in which we can add money and with that money we can use anyone for payment, mobile recharge , bill payment, travel, entertainment and retail industry etc.


Send and receive money and check bank balance
QR code
digital wallet
very fast service


This is also How to send money online app . With its help, you can easily transfer money from one bank to another. Here lets you send money with UPI along with bank details. Here you are given a scratch card to transact with UPI so that you can earn lots of money. You can also add a multi-bank account here and you can use the same.


fast transaction
send and receive money, request money
Balance check
scratch card

Google Pay

It was created by Google which was initially known as Tez . This is a very safe How to send money online app . You can easily send and receive money to anyone by linking here. Here we have been given a lot of offers related to transactions and they have been given a scratch card to use them, and with the help of these scratch cards you can earn very good money and this money is sent directly to the bank. Is.


send and receive money, request money
scratch card
Check balance
earn money directly in bank

Free Recharge

It is also a money transfer app. Here you can send and receive money to anyone by linking the bank. Here you are being given a cashback of Rs 75 for the first transaction . Here all account-specific promo codes are launched, which can be used to earn lots of cashback .


send and receive money
Check bank balance


It is also a digital payment app. You can also link your bank here and transfer money . Here you also get a lot of transaction offers. When you use these offers, it gives you super cash or cashback . Which you can use to make any digital payment or make other bill payments.


send and receive money
Check balance


This app is made by HDFC Bank . Its main objective is to simplify the money transfer process. After linking it with the bank, money can be easily transferred from one bank to another . Many offers have been given in this, using which many types of cashback can be earned. You can also do bill payment, mobile recharge, movies etc.


Send and receive money, Request money
Cashback, QR code


This is an app made by ICICI Bank , its main objective is to digitize its customers. So that he can do many of his work through this app , which is time saving. After linking this app with the bank, it can be easily taken and given from any bank. Also here you have been given a debit card with ICICI Bank , which you can use for any debit payment .


Offers Send and Receive money, Request money and Visa debit cards.


Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) This is a government app. Manufactured by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) , built entirely for UPI transactions. Money can be sent and received easily through this app . Initially, this app had quite a few features. But now a lot of bill payment, mobile recharge etc have changed.

Airtel Money

This is an airtel company’s own app. Here, you can easily transfer money from one bank to another by linking your bank and setting UPI . Also, many offers are being given to you here,

Using which you can earn great cashback . And many more bill payments, mobile recharge, etc can be done here.

Amazon pay

It is not a UPI transaction app but it is a digital payment platform which can be used for bill payment , recharge and many more places. In association with many big companies it brings great offers. And also offers great cashback and discounts . This is the reason why people like it in the present day


Best money transfer app 2021. How to send money on cash app. All the apps mentioned on How to send money online are very safe. And lots of people are using it but my personal choice is paytm , google pay and phonepe. All three are fast and secure and are refunded immediately whenever a transaction is unsuccessful or other issues occur.

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