How to Earn Money From Paytm? [2022]

If you have money in PayTM, then you can use it anywhere, such as in Shops and Mobile Recharge or DTH Recharge . You can also get the money earned through PayTM Withdraw , and can also be used for any other purpose.

Below we are going to tell you what are the ways by which you can earn from PayTM:

PayTM Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing and this method is considered to be the best to earn money from every online platform so that you can earn more and more .

In PayTM also you can earn by creating Affiliate Account like Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Flipkart Affiliate Marketing .

You have to sell the product by creating an account and when someone buys the product by clicking on your given link , you are given a commission and in this way you can earn.

To earn more, you can also share the link of the product on your social media so that more and more people buy the product on it and your commission will also be higher.

PayTM Cashback

Everyone knows about PayTM Cashback. Whenever you do any online recharge through PayTM , you get very good cashback.

Apart from this, even when you do online shopping through PayTM, you are given very good discounts and you definitely get some cashback even after doing every transaction.

In this way, you can earn very well by adding a lot of cashback given by it.

This is exactly the same as the discount is given to you on other shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra . With which you can buy very good products even with less money.

Selling Own Products

If you do not want to do Affiliate Marketing , then you can also earn from PayTM by selling your own products.

For example, whenever you start a new business, for its promotion, you promote your products by going to distant cities , but you can do all this with the help of PayTM while sitting at home.

For this, you can sell your products as a seller by joining PayTM to PayTM Seller Program , and you can get a good price sitting at home.

By doing this, you can save both your time and money, one you do not need to go anywhere else and from above you can also save expenses on transportation and earn by promoting your business sitting at home.

By Promo Code

In PayTM, you can also take very good profit by using Promo Codes . These promo codes are given on any festival, which PayTM users can take advantage of and earn very well.
When you do shopping by entering these promo codes , then you get a very good discount and if you recharge with it,

Even then you get very good cashback, then you get the benefit in both the ways and in this way you can add more money to your PayTM Wallet by using this facility.

By Refer & Earn

You must have heard about Refer & Earn and earning is done in this way in many apps.
In this, when you share PayTM App with your friends and when someone installs the app by clicking on your given link and gets it recharged first, then you get its money.

And in this way you can earn more and more people by sharing this app . When you refer this app to others, you are given some money on each person, which you can use in any way.

Playing Games

You must have heard about this method too and there are many such gaming apps in which you get money for playing games. Similarly, it is in PayTM. In PayTM, you will find many small and big games, which you can earn by playing.
If you want, you can earn lakhs of rupees in these games and you will be surprised to know that you can earn money from PayTM even by playing the Ludo game that you play in your daily life.

And with this, you can earn by participating in different contests and matches in it.

Creating a PayTM Reseller Account

In PayTM, you can sell your products on it by creating PayTM Reseller Account for free and the more you sell , the more your earnings will be.

Many shopping websites provide such facilities and now on PayTM also you can earn by selling products at a good price.

You can earn by selling PayTM’s Produt only , you have to increase the price of these products and sell it at a higher price. So that you can save some margin for yourself.

Important things about paytm

Whenever you make any payment through PayTM, check the UPI ID thoroughly. So that you do not pay to any wrong person.

If you get a call or message in which you are asked about PayTM OTP , then never share OTP. People do online fraud using these methods.

Nowadays KYC Scams are happening a lot in which 1 person is asked to update his/her KYC through SMS or E-mail ID and it is said that if it is not done then their PayTM Account will be blocked and when you do not do so, your Paytm Account will be blocked. If you share the information on that E-mail ID, then you become a victim of Fraud.

Also, keep in mind that whenever you sell your products on any online platform, you do not need to share your OTP or UPI PIN with the buyers. If he tells you so, then he can withdraw money from your account with the help of Paytm PIN. Whenever you want to sell something online, keep these things in mind that do not share PayTM OTP with anyone.

After downloading the PayTM App, read its Terms and Conditions carefully. So that later you will not face any problem while using it.

Never be hasty while doing transactions. Check the amount to be transferred and the person’s ID thoroughly again so that you do not transfer the wrong money.

Never share your personal details with anyone on phone call or message. Hackers can hack your PayTM Account by using this information and with the help of Duplicate Sim, knowing your OTP, can do transactions by logging into the account. Therefore, whenever you get a call in which you are asked about your personal details, never share it.

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