Best Trading Apps For Share Market [2022]

Best Trading Apps

If you are interested in share market or stock market. Or if you have recently taken your first step in the stock market, then it is important for you to know first, which is the best app for share market. Best Trading App

If you have a good app, then you can easily buy or sell your stock. Gives information about every news in the stock market. The same app that shows the price of Sensex and Nifty at the right time is good. Well, to be a good app for share market, it is necessary to have many features. Only then can it perform better than other apps.

But through this article, we will just look at the light points and know about the good app. There are some great apps which are good in terms of charge and features. Millions of people of India are using them.

What is Share Market?

The stock market is a place where companies sell some of their shares. There are people who buy. Whoever buys the shares of these companies. They get some share in that company or their stake becomes in that company.

It is not necessary that only rich people buy their shares in big companies. You human can also buy this share. The share price should be Rs.

How to choose the best app for share market?

Look, if you are new then you do not know which app is best in the stock market. In which one gets more features for less money. If you want to know in easy language, then I will put some simple points in front of you so that you can easily choose the app.

  • Be in the market for a long time and be reliable.
  • For the share market, choose an app that is free while delivering and sell
  • your stock at a low charge while selling.
  • Don’t cheat with your money.
  • Keep your important information locked.
  • Show live stock market positions.
  • Features like Intraday, Option Trading and MCX are available.
  • There should be no technical glitch while adding money to the wallet.
  • There should be no technical fault while selling the stock. Kabhi – What happens? Sometimes while selling stock, there is a technical fault in many apps and your stock does not sell.
  • For the stock market, choose such an app in which you can see the chart well.
  • Give tips to buy good stocks.
  • Shows the list of stocks that have been declining the most in the recent market.
  • Shown the list of such stocks which are trending the most in the recent market.

Best App for Stock Market

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha kite is an online platform where people use for trading in stock market, mutual funds, IPO, derivatives, etc. According to the Zerodha website, 75 lakh people in India just use the Zerodha app for all these things. India’s 15% retailer customer who invests in the stock market today invests from Zerodha.

It was launched in 2010 by Nitin Kamath, Founder and CEO of Zerodha. Zerodha is rated 4.2 on the Play Store.

This feature is also available in Zerodha

  • Futures and Options
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Currency derivatives
  • Stocks & IPOs
  • Direct mutual funds
  • Bonds and Govt. Securities

Zerodha Fee

  • Equity delivery 0 brokage charge
  • Intraday and Future & Option trading on charge 20rs
  • Mutual funds charge 0 fees and charges

Angel One Demate account & stock trading app

Share Market is the best app Angel One. Because people like this app more after Zerodha. Angel One’s experience in the field of stock market is about 25 years old. Because Angel One was made in 1996. I think this is the first app to buy and sell stocks in the stock market online.

Angel Broking does not have to pay the charges for opening a demat account. Along with opening Angel One App demat acccount, you can also invest in mutual funds. Provides good facility in my opinion. If you fall in the category of beginners, then after taking a little knowledge it can be a good experience to join angel one. Zero brokerage fee is charged while investing. But when you want to invest money in trading and options, then Rs 20 is charged in both sell and buy.

Benefits of opening Demate Account in Angel One

  • Angel One opens Demat Account in less time.
  • To open Demat Account, download the app from this link Angle One
  • Stock market shows live data.
  • Explains the Bearish and Bullish points of all the shares in the best possible way. This method is not present in any app.
  • Helps in your trading process. Training videos are provided for free on Angel One.
  • Provides live chat, email and SMS facility for personal help.
  • Lifetime free delivery trade.
  • BSE, NSE, MCX & NCDEX can trade in all these with the same account.

Uptox – stocks, mutual funds, IPOs & Gold

Upstox is a well known app in the field of trading and share market. It was released in 2016. More than 1 crore people like it in about 5 years. And trading on it. Upstox shows mutual funds, investing in gold and live IPOs along with trading . There is no charge to open a demat account in Upstox, the advantage of this is, there will be no charge for lifetime. By sharing this app, you get Rs 300 for opening any other demat account. It is a 12MB app that doesn’t even take up much phone storage.

  • Make sure to invest in Upstox app in an easy, fast, secure way
  • Zero brokrage fee on any stock delivery
  • There is no lifetime charge for opening a Demate account in the Upstox app.
  • You can see NSE, BSE and MCX all three in the live chart and can trade with it.
  • Best app to invest in mutual funds
  • Gives option to invest in gold.

Groww – Stock, Demat, Mutual fund, SIP

Groww app is a very good app for beginners in my opinion for trading and mutual funds. In this app you can open demat for free and do share market at 0 brokerage. There is also a 0 charge for mutual funds. You can start trading with very little Rs. This app has captured a huge market in a very short time. Good stock market experts also recommend trading through this app.

If you want to download the app and open demat account, then download it from this link, you will get Rs 100 bonus charge from which you can start trading from this link


5Paisa app is also the best app for trading platform, this app was launched in 2010. Its market capture has increased significantly. 5paisa is the best trading app for beginners. In this, you can open a demate account for free without any charge. If you want to invest in mutual funds, then you can also invest. You can watch NSE and BSE stock market live.

  • Zero brokrage fee
  • You can watch live NSE, BSE and MCX
  • About 40 UPI payments are connected to the app, so there can be no problem in transferring money.
  • The app is up to 20 mb, so it is easily installed in the phone, there is no much lag.

Motilal Oswal (MO) investor: stock marketing trading & investment App

Motilal Oswal is also a great trading app that was launched in 2015. It also gives the option of mutual funds like any other trading platform. 18 lakh people use this app for trading in the stock market.

Best function is seen, there is no lag in Motilal Oswal data.

You can invest in mutual funds in one click.
Quick solve for any service

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