Best Stock Market Books [2022]

If you are reading this article of Share Market Books , then it means that you are very interested in reading books and want to understand the stock market deeply through them , but till now see thousands of books about share market . have been written so that it is not possible for anyone to read all these books .

That’s why today in this article we will tell you about the best market books  with summary which will teach you the complete maths of share market , if you read these share market books well then you will get a lot of depth of share market . You will get knowledge and then you will not need to consult any other person about share market .

And I can guarantee you that after reading these best Stock Market Books , you will know very well that how to earn money from share market and which company’s shares for 99% profit . must buy

Best Stock Market Books

So let’s know in brief about those best share market books without delay , which every person investing in share market must read once .

Before we go about which are the best books of stock market , I want to tell one thing that is essential .

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book ‘ Rich Dad Poor Dad ‘ written by Robert Kiyosaki is the best selling book of all time , which has sold more than 32 million copies in 51 languages and 109 countries so far , after reading this book you will like me . This thing will definitely come in my mind that I wish I had read it long ago .

Well , it doesn’t matter if you don’t read it before , but to make your children rich , you must teach them before the age of 15 , for this you have to give them chocolate .

This book is not directly based on the share market , but still I have placed it in the first place in the list of Share Market Books in Hindi because in it such things have been told about making money and becoming rich which are available in the stock market . What every investor should know

The author has explained this wonderfully in this book that how much money you earn is not as important as how much money you save and more importantly , where do you invest that saved money .

In this book , it has been explained in the best way through a poor and a rich father that how an educated man makes the company and the boss rich by working all his life while a less educated man invests and earns money from money . Works for himself by finding ways to earn and become rich

How to make money in stocks

In this book of stock market author William O’Neil has given a great strategy named CANSLIM to buy shares of a company which is as follows

1. Current Quarterly EPS should be more than 20 % on – quarterly earning
2. Annual Return Annual return should be at least 25 %
3. New Products – The company that launches high quality products at an affordable price
4. Supply & Demand The demand for the company’s stocks should increase
5. Leader – The company should be the market leader in its sector / sector
6. Institutional Sponsorship Institutional investors like mutual funds , FII and DII are increasing their participation
7. Market Direction – Market should be in an uptrend while buying shares

According to the author , if you buy the stock of any company after seeing these seven things , then you get 12 % more return than any other strategy .

Learn To Earn

” Learn to Earn ” is one of the greatest books on the stock market whose author Peter Lynch has consistently achieved annual returns of over 29 % for several years while serving as a fund manager at Fidelity Investment Fund . He has shared the essence of this experience in this book .

How important is it to learn before earning ? In this great book of share market , it has been told very well and five very important things have been told about it , in which the main ones are as follows .

1. Power of money: If you have 1000 rupees which you spend today , then you only see that you have spent one thousand rupees but Peter Lynch believes that you have lost not only 1000 but 1,25000 . Given because if 1000 rupees are invested today and only 24 % annual return is given , then after 20 years one lakh twenty five thousand rupees are made , so according to this , you have made a loss of 1 lakh 25 thousand by spending only one thousand rupees .

2. Timing the market: If you buy a share @ 100 and after some time it becomes 250 then you become happy but when it comes to 200 , think that now sell it , I will buy again close to 180 , maybe It is possible to do this a couple of times , but that stock can go up to 800 900 , then you will not be able to buy , just keep watching and give a miss of 800 900 % in the pursuit of earning only 10 20 %

3. Learn to fail
4. Stock prices are not the Priority
5. Start early

How I Made $2,000,000 in The Stock Market

This book is written by Nicolas Darvas who was a dancer by profession and his arrival in the stock market was also a coincidence , such that once a company offered him shares of his company instead of paying him for his dance show in money . Diya but alas they could not do that show for them but they bought shares of that company from which they made double profit in just 2 months

But in intraday trading he lost it soon after that he studied the stock movement very deeply and found out one thing that some stocks trade within a certain time interval within the range of the boxes and whenever they come out of the range of this box . When we go out , a tremendous move is seen , this theory is known today as ‘ Darvas Box Theory ‘ .

Using this same box theory , he earned $2,000,00 from box trading in just 18 months , which he has explained in detail in his book ” How I Earned 100 Crore From Share Market ” .

The Intelligent Investor

If we talk about the best books of the best stock market and the name of Intelligent Investor does not come , then this cannot happen and especially this book , despite being written in 1949 , is still considered to be the most influential book of the stock market , in which Value Investing explained in detail

Like how much its share price is overvalued or how much is undervalued based on the company’s business model , demand for the product in the current market , debt , assets , reserves & surcharges and balance sheet

But this book of share market is not for beginners as it gives in – depth information about company’s Balance Sheet , Asset Value , Liabilities , Profit and Loss Statement , Quarterly and Annual Results , Non – Performing Assets etc. for Value Investing . If you read it after taking basic knowledge of share market then it will be better and only then you will be able to understand it better .

The Compounding Effect

The Compounding Effect is a great book . about the stock market in which author Darren Hardy sums up the power of compounding and explains how you can become a very rich man with little but consistent investments . Because there is a very special thing in compounding which as time progresses it looks like a magic and makes you rich .

I present an example of this book in front of you , which will explain the compounding effect to you . Once , being happy with a chess player , the king asked for a reward , then he asked the king to give me only one gold currency today and And keep doubling it for the next two months

The king was very sorry to hear that today he could have got lakhs of gold coins but he missed a huge opportunity but it may surprise you to know that the fool was not a chess player but a king because that chess player had spent only 1 month . I emptied the entire treasury by taking more than 1 crore gold currencies .

Stocks to riches

Mr. In this book of share market written by Parag Parikh , it is explained in the best way about the behavior of investors and how you can control your emotions and reduce losses .

In this book important things like buying , selling , letting the loss happen continuously when the stock price falls , averaging the loss stock by buying more and booking the profit early are explained in the best ways through such examples . Which you can understand very easily by connecting it to the real events of your life .

If you are not able to control your emotions in the stock market and are constantly taking losses by taking wrong decisions , then you must read this book once .

Value Investing and behavioral Finance

This book of share market is written by Indian author Mr. Parag Parikh , which makes it easy for you to understand as it is written only about the Indian stock market , in which the author has given many fundamental strategies about long term investing .

As just mentioned this share market book is specially written keeping in mind the long term investment in which the author has covered chapter details like Growth trap , Bubble trap , PSU , Sector Investing and IPO which make it the best book of share market . make up

How To Avoid Loss and Earn Consistency In The Stock Market

It is more important than earning money in the stock market , saving money means no profit or little , but there should be no loss , Prasenjit Paul has told in this book to avoid the same mistakes due to which we share stocks . make a loss in the market

This book teaches how you can minimize losses in share share market and earn consistent profits in which author shares very important things about trading magic

What to keep in mind while buying stocks

Which companies should you stay away from?
When to buy and sell shares
How to build a portfolio
Which stocks should be preferred in the portfolio

All these important things to retail investors are explained in detail in this book in very easy language which makes it a best book of share market .

Dhandho Investor

Gujrati Patel’s book ‘ Dhandho Investor ‘ by Mohnish Pabri is based on the method of low risk high profit which any business and stock market investor must read , it can prove to be a milestone for you .

Because in this book it has been explained very well that before investing money in any work , you should give special attention that if it happens as you want , then you will get full benefit but if it does not happen as you want . If so , then your loss is very less .

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