Best Share Market Books [2022]

Best Share Market Books

We study till almost 25 years of our age to get a job. Even after this, there is no guarantee that we will get a job. But when it comes to stock market investing, people jump to earn money from the stock market as soon as they get the right information about the basics of the stock market and how to earn money from the stock market. Later they suffer losses and they start thinking of the stock market as a gamble.

It is 100% true that if any thing is done with preparation then its result is as per your expectation. Therefore, before investing in the stock market, you should get the right information about the stock market, which you will probably be able to get from somewhere other than Share Market Books.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill , the author of the book ” Think and become rich ” , believed that he could talk to any man for just 5 minutes and tell what his financial thinking is and whether he can become rich or not .

He did an in – depth study on the psychology , mindset , mindset , thinking and lifestyle of rich people for 20 years and after that wrote an amazing book Think and Grow Rich which became one of the world’s most famous book as soon as it was published .

It has been told in this book that a man becomes what he thinks , believe me , after reading this book , your financial thinking will completely change and the things you dream of getting can be achieved in real life too . can achieve

A Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market

Written by Matthew R. Kratter , a retired hedge fund manager , this book is exclusively for Share Market Beginners in which he gives guidance to beginners on how to start investing in the stock market like

• With which stockbroker to open demat account
• How to buy your first stock and what to keep in mind
• How to set up trades by understanding stock movements

And along with all these basic things , he has also focused on what are the mistakes that new investors make in the beginning which hurt them and have given such ways by adopting which you can avoid repeating these mistakes .

Retire Young Retire Rich

Most of the people spend 20 to 25 years of their life in studies and then do some job or job for 55 to 60 years but even after retiring they continue to struggle with lack of money and and often often lead a monotonous life . and their dreams remain just dreams

Because by doing this neither they are able to add so much money so that the rest of their life can be spent happily , nor they are able to find any way through which they can earn passive income without doing anything .

In the book Retire Young Retire Rich , author Robert Kiyoski has beautifully explained how a common man can become rich in his youth by investing in the stock market , generating income like dividends , bonds and portfolios and then doing this . It doesn’t matter whether you are sleeping , resting or have gone somewhere because then your passive income keeps earning all the time .

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits is one of the best share market books written by Philip Fisher , which is also liked by the greatest investor of the century , Warren Buffet . Every investor must know

In this book , the author has explained in detail about portfolio diversification , price bargaining in buying shares , balance sheet glare , trend and boom in the market .

Like for example the author stated that once an investor wanted to buy 100 shares of a stock on the NYSE stock exchange with a price of $ 35.5 and placed an order to buy it at $ 35 but that day and after that the stock would never Didn’t even come to $ 35 and became more than $ 500 in a few years , thus making a loss of about $ 50,000 just because of the greed of $ 50

Romancing the Balance Sheet

The book Romancing the Balance Sheet by author Anil Lamba is one of the best Share Market Books of Beginners in which he has covered the basics of balance sheet , how to make balance sheet , how to read and which things of balance sheet you should pay more attention to . Important information like should be shared

A person investing in the stock market must read this book , apart from this , if you do any business or are thinking of starting a new business , then you should definitely read this book .

One Up on Wall Street

One Up on Wall Street is one of the best stock market books written by Peter Lynch in which he explains that one doesn’t need to be a professional to pick good stocks because even a commoner can use only 3 % brain and One can find good stocks and earn good returns just by using what he already knows

For example , the author states that in 1950 , a fireman in New England observed that a TAMPAX name was growing rapidly and he himself knew a lot about his business , using this information he Invested $ 2000 every year from his earnings in that company for the next 5 years and then in 1972 he became a Millionaire

In the beginning , no big investor and mutual fund was paying attention to that company , at that time the fireman took advantage of the information available before him and invested in it and became a millionaire , then the attention of big investors went to him .


Tradeneeti by Yuvraj Kalsethi is one of the best book on share market in which all the basic and advanced level of technical and and fundamental analysis , money management , trading system and theory and trading psychology are explained in very easy language .

This book of share market is a great book for both trader and investor , because it focuses on the difference and effect in psychology and thinking of both trader and investor and especially in this book . 11,000 such questions have been answered . By which you will get to learn something new by reading each question .

Apart from all this , there are many other books that every person investing in the stock market must read , the list of some of the best Share Market Books in Hindi is as follows .


If you are new to share market and want to learn it then books written about share market can prove to be very helpful for you and till now thousands of books have been written about share market so that it is possible to read all these books . so it’s not possible for anyone

So in this article , we have told about share market books with summary which can teach you complete maths of share market , so a person investing in share market must read these best share market books

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